Saturday, July 14, 2012

Some info for airline travelers

Sorry for the long absence but I've been preoccupied otherwise, and really didn't have that much to say that was not better by others.

Today, while watching my twitter stream, I watched @guypbenson bitch and complain because his flight out of Orange County (SNA) airport had to be diverted because of fuel issues.  I frequently hear other passengers complaining when flying from airports with short runways on long (and even in some cases short) trips because of restricted takeoff weight. 

Guy claims to be an experienced traveler, but I'd rather call him a frequent traveler who really has no idea about the airports he flies into and out of.  An experienced traveler knows the lay of the land and knows the airports where he/she is going.  SNA has a short 5700 foot long runway ( legal size runway for a short flight, barely legal on a longer one), and if any weather related issue comes up on the flight plan or on the arrival to the destination, they have to have fuel to go to an alternate airport. 

I frequently fly to airports with less than ideal locations, and some of these are weight restricted, as well as have issues with bad weather.  I'm used to cancelled, diverted and delayed flights  from some of these places due to crappy weather, and it is just part of flying. 

I fly from small airports all the time like Key West (EYW), a seriously weight restricted airport, and some high altitude airports, that can have serious issues in the summer. 

Folks, try to understand that even though I agree that the airline industry is generally not our friend, and customer service is about as good as the Greyhound or Amtrak, they have operational issues too.

Now get off my lawn, Skippy!