Monday, March 19, 2012

Volunteer Radio

Is anyone else fortunate enough to have a volunteer radio station in your town?  I don't mean a NPR affiliate that carries highly charged leftist views, but a station that is listener supported and focuses on music programming.  My favorite drive time radio station has become WEVL, a totally volunteer station.  Everyone who works there has day jobs or is retired and either have shows as DJ's, produces programs, maintains the transmitter or helps out in other ways.  It's available on the internet at the station

I've helped out on various occasions, and really think that this kind of radio is a great alternative to obnoxious FM DJ's and talk radio, that quite frankly gets on my nerves after awhile. 

Living in Memphis, we are blessed with some great local musicians and they often appear on shows on WEVL.  Personally I've never seen another station like this.  It is not associated with NPR, or a university, and only runs 2 short pledge drives a year and always gets enough money to keep the station running....sometimes just barely, but this is non-profit, and people who host shows or other tasks do it for love of the job.  They get no government funding, no union donations and no K Street lobby money.

If you get a chance, check it out.

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