Friday, April 20, 2012

Jury Duty

I got a summons in the mail today informing me to show up for jury duty on May 1.  Of course I'm happy to comply with jury duty is as it is American as baseball and apple pie.  However the information on the notification has a lot to be desired, especially for us who do not go downtown all that often.  I got called to a cattle call at the convention center to decide my eligibility to be a juror (of course by a political appointee). 

There is no street address as to where I need to appear other than the "Memphis Cook County Civic Center", a place where I have never been in 17 years I've been here, because there was never an event there that I was interested in participating in there.  Parking info and a map with a few directions might help a bit too.

Come on Shelby County Tennessee, you need to help us comply with the law.  I honestly do not mind serving, but help us out a little.  An address, a map to the parking garage and a diagram to the room where we have to meet in this massive behemoth of a building would be nice.

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