Friday, November 19, 2010

NFL Week 11

Well, wasn't last week special?  The hapless Cowboys, kicked the rocking Giants boo-boo, the up and coming Redskins got humiliated so bad that the DC area McDonald's has a new menu item.  Order a McNabb, and they will throw a McRib at your feet.  This week has started off to an interesting start.  The Bears shut out out the Dolphins.  Well, here's my predictions for this weekend.

Oakland at Pittsburgh

Even with their worst home loss since 2006 fresh in their minds and an injury list that keeps growing, the Steelers say they’re not headed for another mid-season collapse.  After last weeks whooping by the Patriots, I'm not so sure.  The Raiders were in last place when they stunned the Steelers at Heinz Field last year, but they’ll be looking to keep at least a share of the AFC West lead by earning a fourth straight win Sunday.  The Steelers looked horrible last Sunday and let Brady throw for 350 yards.  I'm thinking that the Steelers are playing injured and look weak right now.  OAK - 27  PIT - 17

Cleveland at Jacksonville

The Browns are playing far better than their record indicated, and the Jaguars might be one of the league’s most difficult teams to decipher from week to week, but it seems to be making its identity clear - if a game is decided by three touchdowns or fewer, Jack Del Rio’s squad is going to win.  The Browns almost beat a strong Jets team, and I'm going with them in a squeaker.  CLE - 21  JAX - 14

Washington at Tennessee

The Titans have have lost their starting quarterback in three of the previous four games, but will try to keep Vince Young upright as these two teams meet at LP Field on Sunday, and Kerry Collins has been fighting injuries as well.  This could be a problem on Sunday, after the Titans took a bad beating by the Dolphins.  Now lets talk about the Redskins.  I've never thought too highly about Donovan McNabb, as he has never performed well when the chips are down.  If the Titans can avoid injury, they will will win this week.  TEN - 32  WAS - 18

Houston at New York Jets

New York (7-2) became the first team in NFL history to win back-to-back overtime games on the road, knocking off Cleveland 26-20 last week.  Their luck is about to end this Sunday.  I'm going out on a limb and calling it for the Texans.  HOU -24  NYJ -  21 in overtime.  (You are welcome, Jazz Shaw).

Baltimore at Carolina

I'm not wasting my time with this one.  BAL 34 - CAR - 10

Green Bay at Minnesota

The Packers are coming off a bye week after kicking the Cowboys' collective asses (it brought a smile to my face).  But let's talk about the Vikings, led by 70 year old Brett Favre, who looked old, injured and sick last week.  Ok, lets not talk about the Vikings.  This is an easy call, even if it it is played in Minneapolis.  GB - 28  MIN - 10

Arizona at Kansas City

My eyes glaze at this game.  The Cardinals are uninspiring, and the Chiefs, who lost to the Broncos, manage to keep a winning record.  I'm going with the Chiefs.  KC-17  ARIZ - 3

Detroit at Dallas

Did I ever mention how much I hate the Cowboys and their owner Jerry Jones?  Yep, I thought so.  This is wishful thinking.  DET - 28  DAL - 3

Buffalo at Cincinnati

The Bills finally won a game last week, and will win another one this Sunday against the Bengals.  The Bills have played better than their record shows, the Bengals, not so much.  BUF - 17  CIN - 9

Seattle at New Orleans

This is going to be a tough game to call.  The Seahawks are coming off a slaughter of the Cardinals last week, and the Saints are healing off of a bye week.  I'm tossing a coin and going with Seattle.  SEA - 28  NO - 17

San Francisco at Tampa Bay

I'm not going to waste words here TB - 32  SF - 10

Atlanta at St. Louis

The Falcons are on the top of their division and if they continue to play as they have as of late, could be a real contender in the playoffs.  The Rams, ehhhh.  Not so much.  ATL - 24  STL - 10

Indianapolis at New England

Ok, My brain says the the Patriots, but I hate them almost as bad as the Cowboys.  The Colts almost got beat by the Bengals....What's up with that????  Come on Peyton.  Rally the troops.  IND - 21  NE - 17 in overtime

New York Giants at Philadelphia

Ok what happened last week, Giants?  Did you not remember that you have to show up for a game to win???  The worst team in the  NFL beat you.  On the other hand, Michael Vick lead the Eagles to a huge win over Donovan McRib McNabb and clobbered the Redskins.  Manning has not been getting good support from the offensive line and the Giants have been inconsistent from week to week.  My heart is with the Giants, but my brain is with the Eagles.  PHL - 24  NYG - 13

Finally the Monday night game.

Who cares.

Those are my picks, what are yours?

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