Thursday, October 27, 2011

The 99% verses the 1%

Class warfare is an ugly thing, especially when it is used in a country that is as bless as the USA.  Yes we have the very rich, and most have done something or created something to get there.  They didn't steal it from the rest if us.  Take Fred Smith as an example.  He certainly didn't come from poverty, but took an idea that his Yale professor said was not practical and gave him a C, and turned into one of the most successful American companies ever, FedEx.  Yes, these class warriors at the occupy (name your city here) want to take all his money because he is a greedy capitalist who steals money from the workers.  This meme goes right back to the Communist Manifesto of the mid 1800's.  Communism, Socialism, Fascism, Nazism, all leftist ideologies have failed everywhere they have been tried.  Fred Smith made nobody poor, but has made many people besides himself very wealthy.  I'm one who gets a nice salary, and though the benefits have shrunk over the years, I'm better off than many.

So here we are again with this ragtag of misfits, anarchists, communists, socialists, Nazis, fascists and just stinky slackers who don't know how a shower works, occupying parks and squares around the country to pass on the message, that America Sucks.  It's the 60's all over again.  President Obama is with them.  Apparently he thinks we all suck too, in his attempts to take away wealth from job creators, redistribute to unions and cronies has made the economy weaker, hindered growth in private business growth and driven more job off shore.

One thing I appreciate about living in the USA, is that we can let these Occupy idiots have there say, and though the mainstream media tries to contrast them favorably to the Tea Party, anyone with a brain can see who these people are, if they just don't take Diane Sawyer's take on it.

So let's talk about a few countries that the lefties really love.

Cuba - When was there last free election?  How good is their health care for average Cubans. Can we bring in anyone other than Ray Suarez from PBS to fawn all over CastroCare?

China - Communist?  Please, that is so Mao era.  They are fascist where they use private industry to bring money to the state.  You have the right to make money as long as you don't tread on a PLA company that is your competition.  There are no civil liberties, and no other party permitted than the CPPRC

Vietnam - Ditto

Laos - 4th world is being  kind

North Korea - The DPRK has a GDP that is smaller than Scranton, and that says a lot.  It is hell on earth, when the people just across the border in the ROK have one of the highest living standards in Asia.

So slackers, misfits, anarchists and communists at the Occupy demonstrations, have fun.  The rest of us have jobs, and are at least looking for them.

I've personally been around some real poverty, particularly in the Philippines.  There is a huge difference between the rich and the poor, and most of the rich have had this money passed down for generations.  They own land and businesses, and just throw scraps to the poor.  However, they build shopping malls, sports centers, and movie theaters that employ a lot of people.  I'm not a fan of the Ayala clan or even worse Imelda Marcos and her awful children (all who have government positions!) or a leach like Lucio Tan.  They all have a  lot of sins to atone for but, who am I to judge?  Still even these people produce jobs.

So, how many jobs has Obama produced in the private sector?  I'll wait with baited breath for your response,

America will survive Obama, at least if we can convince enough Americans that he needs to have a nice retirement to a 19th hole somewhere else in 2012.

Update:  Every legal US citizen is in the 1% compared to the rest of the world.  Where else can you be below the poverty line, own a car, have cable TV, and maybe even own a decent home?   Hey Occupy Wall Street crowd, try selling your message to people in Zimbabwe, Sudan, or Chad and see some real poverty.

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