Thursday, November 10, 2011

Third world diseases come back to America

Tuberculosis has been pretty much a thing of the past for most of us lucky to have been born in a modern first world country, in the later half of the 20th century, and I can not remember knowing a single person in the US of ever contracting the disease, however my 81 year old mother has tested positive on the skin test since she was a child.  In the third world countries of Asia, Africa, and Latin America diseases such as TB, Chorea, and Typhoid are common place and bring about a high mortality rate in those countries.  The slums and squatters villages that often are in the most squalled conditions, and lack of modern medicine are a great contributor to the propagation of these horrible illnesses.

Well apparently, Occupy Atlanta, wants America to experience how bad that the 99% of the rest of the world have it.  Tuberculosis has broken out at the Atlanta Obamaville as this group of anarchists, communists, Marxists, hipsters, neo-Nazis, and other ragtag misfits continue to build their own squatters villages throughout the major American cities.  Is this the America that these people want us to become?  Or is this the one of the unintended consequences that result from dropping out of civil society and living like an animal within one of the richest countries ever to exist?

I've got to wonder how many of these stinky hippies have ever witnessed up close and personal real poverty and suffering?  How many have ever wondered where their next meal was coming from, or wondered where they could find a corner to sleep safely at night?  I'm willing to guess, apart from a few Marxist and apologist college professors, and hypocritical 1%ers like Michael Moore, have ever left the safety of their home country, where it is safe to protest against whatever they please. 

I personally have seen some of the worst living conditions in the world while traveling in third world countries, in many cases where their countries leaders live in luxury and talk in platitudes about how they love their people.  It is not a pretty picture.  We don't live in a "democracy" that the Occupiers demand, we live in a democratic republic where we elect our representatives in local, state, and national politics.  A true democracy means anarchy, and it has been a failure everywhere it has been tried.  The last place that gave lip service to this was Democratic Kampuchea, better known as the Khmer Rouge regime in Cambodia in the late1970's and 80's.

Might I suggest to the hippies who are occupying pieces of cities, going on criminal rampages, and spreading diseases long dormant in our civil society, to go join the Peace Corps, spend time in the Central African Republic, Bangladesh, and Honduras actually helping alleviate horrible diseases like TB, rather than spreading them back to the first world. 

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