Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Who do you trust when disaster strikes?

I'm seeing a lot of my friends posting support for the Red Cross, after the Hurricane Sandy slammed New Jersey and New York City.  I'm not such a fan.  The Salvation Army is a far more effective organization, without all the bureaucracy that the Red Cross has, and the money you donate does not get sucked up in administrative fees.  Catholic Charities also does a far better job than the Red Cross domestically.

For international disasters, I would never give a penny to the Red Cross, because it gets funneled through the IRCC, a hyper political organization that has made it a point to condemn Israel, and criticize American foreign policy.

If the spirit moves you to help the people who have been displaced and affected by Sandy, go to the Salvation Army's website and give generously. These are our friends and neighbors, and God forbid, we may all need their help sometime in the future.

UPDATE: The Salvation Army has far less overhead than the Red Cross.  Things to consider when you donate.

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