Friday, March 22, 2013

ObamaCare and its consequences

I had an appointment with my neurologist who has been treating my multiple sclerosis problem for the past several years.  He informed me that he is closing down his practice and moving back to India.  I was unpleasantly surprised to hear this news.  His reasoning is all the coming ObamaCare regulations and rules, makes his practice untenable and he'd be much better just closing up shop.  He moved here from Montreal a long time ago, just for the same reasons that he is moving back to India, bureaucrats telling him he can treat his patients, what treatments to give them, and reduced income.  He told me he can open up a practice in Hydrabad, his home town, not make half what he makes here, and still live like a king.

I really can't blame the guy.  He has options, and is taking them.  He is not alone.  Many physicians are planning to retire early and give up their practice rather than submit to a federal government scheme that is guaranteed to raise costs for everyone, and restrict doctors more than anything that private insurance companies are doing now.

Fortunately my current neurologist is making sure all his patients are matched with competent doctors after he shuts down his practice later this year.  Still my story is just one of many.  It's going to get a lot worse once ObamaCare gets fully implemented next year.   We are heading down the road to perdition, and Obama and the Democrats are pushing to hurry that process.  

My exit question: Who will the low information voters blame once their health costs double or triple, their ObamaPhone stops working and the EBT card dries up?

I doubt they even heard of Cyprus, let alone know what is going on there now.  We are going down that same "golden road to socialism".

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