Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Memphis Fast Food

Normally on Wednesdays a few of us retirees from my old place of employment, have breakfast together at a local diner.  Unfortunately it is closed for renovation and expansion, so we picked a local fast food joint.  We got there, ordered our food, and waited, and waited, and waited.  Finally the food came out.  Nobody there seemed to know what the other was doing, and there seemed to just be a bunch of people milling around behind the counter, and hollering loudly to each other above the loud rap "music".  Oh well, we got the food, went to a table, and low and behold they gave us someone else's order.  We waited, and waited and waited again, and finally the food came out.  We checked the order at the counter, and this time they got it almost right.  A few items were missing.  I asked for a manager, who came over and rudely wanted to know why we were hassling his employees, but fixed the order.

Got to the table, and I want to fill up my ice tea.  There are two dispensers, one marked sweet and one marked unsweet.  I don't like sweet tea, southern style because it is just sugar water.  Well, I fill up the cup with the one marked unsweetened and low and behold it was sweet tea, so was the one marked sweet tea!  I went back to the counter to complain, and was told by the clerk, "I aint got no nuttin bout no sweet and unsweet."  I told her one was marked unsweetened.  She repeated her gibberish answer, so I figured she not only couldn't speak, she could not read.  Where was Barbara Billingsley when I needed her.

Apparently because we complained about the bad service, we were told that we were a bunch of redneck racist crackers, or something.

We all decided at that moment that we will not be back to this place.  Unfortunately this is all too typical here for fast food.

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