Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy Independence Day

Happy Independence Day one and all.  The United States has been a bless nation for a long time now, and I hope God's blessings continue to shine down on us.  But there are many signs of moral decay in our country perpetrated in the name of "fairness", "inclusion", and "rights" that were never imagined by our founding fathers.  Abortion on demand, gay marriage, government imposed mandatory schemes like ObamaCare, the current administrations war on Christian religious institutions and their objections to all the above, are not good signs for the long term survival of our republic.  Remember, Rome did not lose its empire because they lost military superiority at least initially, they lost it due to decadence and moral decay from within. 

We are quickly losing moral high ground both at home and abroad.  President Obama has demonstrated weakness in his foreign policy.  The Middle East is on fire largely because of his failed policies of encouraging revolutions against traditional allies, as well as enemies.  For the 2nd time in 3 years, Egypt has overthrown their government, Libya is a failed state, Syria has a civil war going on now for 2 years, where there is no good guy in the fight.  The Libyan fiasco has spilled in to Mali, where Al-Qaeda is trying to overthrow the not so good regime, but much better than the current alternative, and they threaten their neighbors in Niger and Senegal.  For a guy with African roots, Obama has done a good job setting the continent on fire, along with much of the Arab middle east.

We have politicians singing the virtues of 3rd trimester abortions, free contraceptives for all, and by free, meaning paid by me and all tax payers.  I don't my money going for these things, but I'm being "intolerant" for opposing those things, and so is my church.  More cultural rot.

We have under the Obama government, NSA domestic spying at will, the IRS targeting political opponents of the administration, a corrupt Attorney General who gave guns to drug lords in Mexico to somehow propagandize for more gun control in the US, while in Eric Holder's home city of Chicago, they have the most strict gun control laws in the country.  And guess what, parts of Chicago are war zones, with the highest number of gun related murders in the country.  Congrats, you finally beat out Detroit, DC and Memphis.

So dear reader, although I'm still celebrating our independence, at least for a few more years, unless we turn things around and quickly, this will soon be Government Dependence Day, and the barbarians will once again be at the gate.  Sept. 11, 2001 was a wake up call, but it appears many Americans just rolled over and went back to sleep, dreaming of unicorns, free stuff and fairy dust.

In the meantime, anyone in the neighborhood, stop on bye for some BBQ pork shoulder, ribs, brisket and Samuel Adams Beer.  We all need another Samuel Adams today

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