Sunday, June 30, 2013

The Nobel Peace Prize, A Legacy Of Dictators, Frauds and Liars

I was perusing today and was checking out the headlines, and saw this little piece from a British leftist at The Guardian, who thinks Bradley Manning should get the Nobel Peace Prize.  At first my eyes rolled, then on second thought, why not.  He'll be in good company.  The Nobel Peace Prize has been a bad joke for years, awarded to dictators, terrorists, frauds, and pretty much anyone who represents anything that opposes America and American power.  I'm not sure how Albert Nobel would like some of the people who have been given this award in his name.

So let have a look at a few prize winners over the past few decades, shall we?

2012 - The European Union

Wow, oh wow, they have done so much to promote world piece.  Let me count how many things they have done to reduce tensions and make the world a safer place?  Hmmmm....well they supported getting rid of Khadafy in Libya, and you know how that worked out.  It's a thriving democratic society now...oops, not so much.  It's a failed state that Al Qaeda has pretty much overrun, and taken their jihad to neighboring Mali and Niger and threatens Senegal.  Way to go EU!  And President Obama is on the hook for this particular act of peace.

2009 - Barack Obama

Received the prize for doing nothing other than not being George W. Bush.  How did this work out for you Nobel Committee?  Your guy went on an unauthorized war against a country that had been working with us to contain Al Qaeda terrorism during the Bush administration, and unleashed hell on Libya and neighboring Mali and Niger.  Launches countless drone attacks on out supposed ally Pakistan as well as Afghanistan, and killed many people who were not terrorists, just collateral damage, and threatens more of the same in Syria.  Obama forced out the dictators of Tunisia and Egypt, who were allies of the US and maintained stability in the region, and they were quickly replaced with revolutionary Islamic regimes who are hostile to the west and promote worldwide jihad against non Muslims.  Arab Spring came compliments of a Nobel Peace Prize winner.  Well done.

2007 - Al Gore and the IPPC

Yet another poke in the eye to George W. Bush, and an award to total fraud and hypocrite.  The climate change models that Gore and his buddies at the IPPC have been largely discredited.  There has been no rise in global temperature for over 15 years, the seas are not rising, and there is no impending doom from carbon dioxide.  Still the "progressives" and statists around the world want to impose penalties on countries who have successful states, produce useful products and agriculture and give us all a global carbon tax, to "save the world".  Gore is a billionaire, both from the family fortune, decades in government, and his carbon offset business, where he sells indulgences to people who are guilty about their carbon footprint.  He's a fraud, and so is the IPPC, but they fit right in with the Euroweenies who think they are just wonderful.

2005 - Mohamed ElBaradie

I can sum this fraud up in one quick sentence.  Iran Nuclear Program.  Well done dude.  We are a lot safer because you stopped the mullahs from pursuing nuclear weapons.  Oh wait, that did not happen.  But he meant well, so I guess that is important to Norwegians.

2002 - Jimmy Carter

Wins the prize for not being George W. Bush.  Yet another slap in the face to the American people by giving this prize to an anti-semite and washed up loser.

2001 - Kofi Annan and the United Nations

Really?  An organization that is full of dictatorships, thug dictators, and has 2 basic goals, condemning Israel and diminishing American power wins this esteemed award.  Well done Euroweenies.

1994 - Yasser Arafat

Nothing screams peace more than this now deceased terrorist who walked away from a peace agreement with Israel that would have given him and his people a state,  because he and his people do not want peace, until all the Jews in the world are dead.  Another worthy award winner.

1990 - Mikhail Gorbachev

Yay!!!!  A communist who ruled the Soviet Union and it's satellite states with an iron fist suddenly became a democrat and liberated all the people of the former USSR and Eastern Europe, just out of the goodness of his heart.  Of Course, Ronald Reagan standing up to the Evil Empire and bankrupting them with large defense spending and the SDI had absolutely nothing to do with the demise of communism in Europe.  Well, I speak too soon, it seems the Europeans really do like socialism and big government, so maybe Gorby was right.  Still this was yet another slap in the face to the USA.

I could go on but you get the picture.  There are many other frauds, communists, and sell-outs in this bunch.  As a parting shot I'll give you this

1973 - Henry Kissinger and Le Duc Tho

They brought peace to Vietnam, didn't they?  Ummm not quite.  They negotiated a deal where the US would leave, and the communist North Vietnam would invade in a year and take over the entire country, killing hundreds of thousands and sending more to "reeducation camps".  But the Euroweenies loved it and gave these guys the European version of an Oscar.

This award is a parody unto itself, and should never be taken seriously, but the mainstream media treats this like it is defining annual moment of peace makers of the year. 

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