Saturday, August 31, 2013

A really bad month

I've been pretty sick this past month.  It started with what my doctor thinks was food poisoning, and it went downhill from there.  I ended up seriously ill, in the hospital, and I didn't realize just how close I came to cashing it in at the time.  Well, after almost a week in the hospital, under the good care of the doctors, nurses, and technicians at Methodist Hospital in Germantown, Tennessee, I was good enough to be released and although weak, just being home made me feel better.  My elderly parents insisted that as soon as I was strong enough, they wanted me to travel to their home in northeastern Pennsylvania and recuperate there.  So off we went.  It was nice spending almost 2 weeks in that part of the world, getting some good food....mostly....I won't get in to the mostly part because I don't need the wrath of mom descending on me.

We went to the Harford Fair, one of the largest country fairs in the state of Pennsylvania, and it was crowded.  Good food, interesting exhibits, and fun competitions like tractor pulls made the day worthwhile.

I came home to get some stern warnings from some of the pathology reports.  Because I had hepatitis when I was younger, and I've not always treated my liver all that well in the past, I've been told in no uncertain words, never to take an alcoholic drink again.  I can do it, but I won't like it.  My white blood count is also very low, and one hematologist wants to get a bone marrow sample from me.  This is an extremely painful procedure and may not yield any useful information.  My PHP told me do not do it.  (Next year when I get stuck under ObamaCare, it will probably not even be offered as an option, as it is expensive).  That is advice I'm happy to follow.

So folks, I'm back, just feeling old at 56, and still trying to get over this really bad health crisis. 

Thanks to my friends for your prayers and good thoughts during my illness, and know I appreciate you all.  God bless!

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