Monday, September 16, 2013

What ObamaCare means to me

I'm a 56 year old man, I have multiple sclerosis and my overall health is not the best.  I spend 5 days in the hospital last month and even with insurance it is going to cost me, out of pocket, over $7000.

My insurance company decided to drop me after that illness, effective Oct. 15, the exact same day that ObamaCare exchanges become available.  Very convenient for them.  It seem a lot of private insurance companies have decided that this whole insurance racket is better suited to be run by government bureaucrats and let the federal government take the hit when people get sick.  So here I am looking for medical insurance.  Nobody wants to offer me coverage. NOBODY.  ObamaCare is where I'm going to get stuck.  I lose my doctor, lose my insurance, and get stuck under a plan administered by faceless government employees who got jobs because of political patronage that do not give a damn about anything but their next raise.

Barack Obama lies that if you like your doctor you can can keep your doctor.  He also lied that if you like your insurance plan you can keep it.  I'm losing both. 

What I know now is my insurance premiums double for me under the Orwellian named "Affordable Healthcare Act" , my primary health care physician won't deal with ObamaCare and is approaching retirement.  My neurologist who has been treating my MS for years now is moving back to India, because he hates all the new regulations, and says he can still make a living there without a lot of government interference.

I'm just venting here, but I am not the only one stuck in the wonderful new world of socialized medicine.  Congress is inept, they can't pass a budget let alone defunding this medical nightmare.  Young people are going to suffer far more than I will from this.  They are going to pay the bill for ObamaCare for decades to come.  Fortunately I'm not poor and can pay to get decent health care, but we as a nation will suffer the fate of the UK and Canada.  There is a large medical center in Plattsburgh, NY for nothing.  It's a small town just an hour away from Montreal.  It's full of Quebecois who can afford to pay cash.

In the end, this how we are going to get medical care in the US.  Either pay up cash up front at medical centers in places like Singapore or Thailand, or wither and die on an ObamaCare exchange.

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