Wednesday, October 30, 2013

How Will ObamaCare Affect You?

So, how is Obamacare working for you?  The Affordable Care Act (ACA) is Orwellian in title, and it is anything but affordable so far for anyone who doesn't get pushed on to Medicaid.  A lot of us have been told that we will lose our medical insurance at the end of the year.  Mercifully, mine has been extended until 2015 with a substantial premium increase. 

Having several preexisting conditions, under ACA my monthly premiums would go up from $400 a month to $2000 a month if my insurer didn't decide to keep me on another year.  My insurance agent is not optimistic.  He reckons it might be as high as $3500 a month come 2015.  This is not sustainable for the average person.  Most of us who have preexisting conditions and although not disabled, can't afford to pay $42K a year.  With any luck ObamaCare will implode under its own weight over the next year, and relieve is from this socialist state rum monstrosity.  I'm not betting on that.

I am seriously considering moving out of the country so I can still get pay as you go health care in places like Thailand, Taiwan, and Singapore.  My chemo infusions cost about $4000 a treatment in the US, much cheaper abroad, and I only need them bi-monthly.  It is cheaper for me to live in a home I've already purchased in Asia and buy a round trip ticket to places like Singapore or Thailand than to pay the Obamacare premium. 

It is indeed sad than Obamacare is driving people offshore because the ACA is anything but affordable.  And until this gets repealed or fixed, which I am doubtful it can  be, people with preexisting conditions, to paraphrase President Obama, should just take a pill.

I may take the ultimate opt-out, but what happens in 2014 will help me make a decision.  Oh by the way the website debacle is the tip of the iceberg.  It gets far worse from there.

As Nancy Pelosi said when this passed: "This is our gift to the American people".  But Joe Biden said it best: "This is a big fucking deal"

Big fucking deal indeed.

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