Sunday, March 23, 2014

What Kind of Person Represents You?

I was out with some friends, some of them who look down at the average auto mechanic, HVAC technician or plumber as not being as "smart as them" because they have advanced degrees from anything from law to underwater basket weaving.  But still they have masters degrees in something, and that dummy who is fixing their furnace is your inferior. It's a bit of a strange world we live in these days when your masters of arts degrees in prepubecient transexual studies trumps a HVAC guy who can actually produce something than well...who knows what the other guy can do.

We have a very bad habit as a nation to consistantly elevate Ivy League graduates to almost a cult status, and revere them as the people who know how to "fix" this country.  It hasn't worked out that well, has it.  The Clintons are the "smartest people in the world".  Barack Obama, who is supposedly a constitutional scholar from Columbia, maybe is, because he knows how to trample all over it, but maybe he was saying constitutional scholar from Colombia.  We don't know, because his records are sealed, is the "most transparent administration EVAH!!!!!!"

So, here we are in an election year, not to elect a new president, but a new congress.  Who do you want to represent you in DC, which seems to consolidate more power over the states daily.  Does a Harvard or Yale lawyer represent me?  No, not at all.

I'm a reasonably educated guy with a BSEE degree from a state university, and about 40 years of experience working in various jobs and industries afterwards.  I've never been active in politics, or a community agitator, but I like to think I helped our country and the businesses I worked with. 

My Grandparents were not Ivy League, or necessarly the best educated, but my dad's father, who grew up a poor farmer who had a drunk for a dad and built up a very successful business as a building contractor, and my mom's dad who helped his family survive the great depression by working wherever he could, and was a master electrician and machinist made their lives work, and kept their families together without "our betters" taking care of them. 

So, the  question is why is "WHY DO WE NEED IVY LEAGUE LIBERALS" to help us poor pleebs live our lives.  Think about this before you vote next time.  Rodney Dangerfield put it best.   Academia is not the answer.  They are why we fail whenever they get into power

Corrections: Fixed a few typos. Thanks to my editor @tamij for noticing.

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