Sunday, March 30, 2014

Dealing with Multiple Sclerosis and ObamaCare

I'm having yet another sleepless night, and my legs are twitching a lot. Getting out of bed, reading, having a green tea are not helping much.

I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis just a few years ago, but I'm 57 years old, this usually has early symptoms at much younger ages, so apparently when I was stumbling around during my mispent younger days, it may not have always been the beer talking to me.

Well, some of the treatments really do help me, some don't, and most are expensive and even with insurance, which has gone up astronomically under the Orwellian named "Affordable Care Act" better known as ObamaCare, some of my costs for these treatments are ow getting out of my price range. I've been informed under the new policy that takes effect on April 1, the most effective ones will no longer be covered by any of my insurance plans.  I'm not a millionaire by any means, but have saved a bit of money, but not enough to pay for these treatments, so I guess it sucks to be me right now. 

I'm not whining here, but I'm not alone with these expense issues.  Now that the federal government owns the health care industry, they own our lives, and as Barack Obama once said to a man who had an elderly mother who needed heart surgery, "can't she just take a pill?" says everything we need to know about government run medicine.

Welcome to the DMV of medical treatment.  We are all screwed.

As for me, I'm hobbling around with a walker tonight, something I hate using, and I know this will only get worse. MS won't kill you, but it does cripple a lot of people a lot younger than me.  The beautiful Mousketeer and actress Annette Funachello suffered with it all her adult life, so I am grateful to only putting up with this in the later third of my expected lifespan.

I'm trying to figure out what to do with the rest of my life right now, before I get too crippled up to do something about it.  Moving to my property and building a home in the Philippines is very attractive now. I'll have to buy expensive helath and evacuation insurance, but pricing it out right now, it'll be cheaper than when my next ObamaCare increase shows up early next year, and I'll be able to live without all the intrusive regulations, taxes, and bureaucrats I have here.  We'll see how this plays out, but it is an attractive option.

Ok rant over. I'm going to try to get some sleep.

Who wants cake?

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  1. I cannot find the date on this post so I do not know when it was written but I can still say to you how sorry I am you are struggling. As I read your words I so realize that around us at every turn people are suffering from this tyrant called obama. I am no physician bbut my thoughts toward this is for you to research raw food and juicing. Maybe you can find some help there. Have a blessed day... from someone that just happened to come across your tweet.