Friday, July 11, 2014

I've had a stroke: UPDATED

I suffered a severe stroke back in April while visiting my parents in upstate PA.  It was a god thing that I had the stroke at their home instead of by my place in Memphis.  I was quickly rushed to the hostel.  If I was alone, I surely have died that night. For the next month I was in and out of a coma.  Fortunately I had good doctors who helped me get better.  Still I'm not fully recovered, although I have regained my speech for the most part.  I still have trouble remembering short term and partly lost some use of my right hand.

I'm convinced that the prayers and thought of family and friends helped me rover as much as I far.  I truly appreciate all the physical and spirit help.

I am back for the most part and I'm going to het back to writing my blog and chat rooms.

I truly believe that God allowed me a second chance at life on this Earth.

Updated: Well   I've had another minor stroke  I spent 3 days in an over crowded hospital.after a minor stroke.  I left there worse off after leaving.  Spending 22 hours a day in bed didn't help.  at least it was during the day.  I still am not up to full stock and have lost some speak.  This is very difficult for me.  I'm home now.  Please keep me in your prayers.