Thursday, April 24, 2014

Safety Tip: Don't ever drink tap water on an airplane

I saw a tweet on twitter tonight that really got my attention.  Katie Pavlich from posted a photo of a bottle of water that she filled on an airplane in filled from the spicket in the lavatory on the plane thinking it was drinkable.  Really Katie?  I know you are young, but you travel.  Here's a safety tip to those who travel.  That water is NEVER safe.  First the water tank, although on US carriers is cleaned regularly doesn't mean after every flight, and the source of the water is always unknown and the tanks are not sterilized.  That flight you just took to from DCA to LGA may have had last been serviced for water in Guatemala.  Don't drink it..  If you need clean water on an airplane get bottled water from a flight attendant.  Colera and typhoid are still common in places just a few hours by 737 from ATL or DFW.

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