Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Is Sharia Law Creeping Into Airline Rules?

I had an unusual experience today.  I was flying on a Delta Connection flight (operated by Pinnacle Airlines) and the flight attendant not only didn't offer alcoholic beverages to passengers, but refused to serve them, due to "religious grounds".  I certainly do respect people's right not to consume certain foods and beverages because of religious principles, but when it creeps its way into mainstream business, it stinks of pandering to one particular religion.  I can easily guess what religion that "Omar Ali" professes to, and I do not doubt his devotion to it, but it has no place business in a secular society and business.

If Muslims do not have to serve alcohol on flights, does this mean that Jews don't have to serve the ham and cheese sandwich served to me on a rare upgrade to first class today?

I've emailed Delta Airlines and Pinnacle Airlines with my concerns, and will post the responses here if they are forthcoming.

UPDATE 2/14/12: I Never received more than a standard boilerplate email acknowledgement, just as I expected.  Still, If the flight attendant was a Mormon who does not partake of either alcohol or caffeine and refused to serve coffee on a 6:00AM plane flight there would be hell to pay, and that employee would most likely be fired. But then again Mormons don't suicide bomb your company when there is a disagreement.

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