Saturday, December 3, 2011

Through other countries' eyes

Most of us get our news on either the major networks, PBS, and/or cable networks like FoxNews, CNN or MSNBC.  They all have their particular political slant, and they really don't cover much about much about what is going on around the world that doesn't current directly affect our daily lives.  Since I was a kid, I've been listening to shortwave radio, and these days listening more and more to the far more reliable audio streams on the internet.  One place to get a sampling of what is out there without buying a world band radio, a World Radio TV Handbook, and other DX publications is the World Radio Network. They run live streams, as well as on demand audio programs from such diverse countries as Algeria, Australia, and even the official mouthpiece of the Syrian regime, Radio Damascus, all in English.  There are a few great search engines for foreign radio stations out there, and one of my favorite is vTuner

Although most international broadcasting services are either government controlled (China Radio International, Voice of Russia and VOA as examples), or public corporations (BBC, ABC Radio Australia, NHK World), that almost always have a left leaning point of view, it is still interesting to hear what is going on abroad, and to know that the world doesn't always revolve around the USA.  Domestic radio stations are much more revealing, and if you speak a bit of Spanish, or French, you can learn a lot about things happening in Africa and Latin America. 

Shortwave radio used to be the medium for this, but the internet has quickly surpassed it.  I could go on, but It's time to listen to Radio Polynesie.

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