Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The End of the Memphis Tea Party?

Yesterday Mark Skoda, the president of the Memphis Tea Party and has an outstanding radio show on local radio here in western Tennessee, announced that we were all endorsing Mitt Romney as Republican candidate for President.  I found out about this from a twitter message from Larry O'Connor of Breitbart TV.  Larry mentioned that Mark would be on his show last night explaining why there was an endorsement for a very non-tea party guy like Romney, especially after only 2 primaries and one caucus in 3 very small states.  There was never a vote taken by members of the Memphis Tea Party regarding endorsing one candidate over the other, and I'm really not happy with this heavy handed endorsement without the rank and file participation.

Well, Larry was quick to half jokingly call Mark a RINO, and he did not take it well.  When asked by a caller why there was never at least a chance for members to participate in an open vote, Mr. Skoda responded with, and I'm paraphrasing here since I don't remember the exact quote, "I made an executive decision".  Excuse me Mark, but the Tea Party is not about top down decisions like this.  You are forgetting that we are a grass roots movement.  If I wanted to belong to an organization that has heavy handed top down political management, I'd work with the RNC.  Your early endorsement of Romney has alienated many Tea Party conservatives, and I have to consider about how much I will support this organization in the future.

I'm not endorsing anyone at this point, and certainly not happy with the lot that the GOP has put up this year.  I'll hold my nose and vote for Romney if he is the candidate, but only because we need to get rid of Obama for the sake of the country.  But endorsing a New England liberal as the Tea Party candidate in the premise of it being an executive decision stinks of top down politics ala Meet John Doe

You speak for yourself Mr. Skoda.  Don't send an endorsement for one of the largest Tea Party organizations in our name, just because you are on Mitt's bandwagon. 


  1. The temerity of the man! Mitt Romney is everything the Tea Party was organizing against in the first place. In fact I was just writing elsewhere my conviction that if Winston Churchill were alive and the same age he was in 1935 and was viewing events here - he would be viewing them with grave alarm. A dishonest, avaricious, and power-seeking Mormon had appeared in the U.S. with millions of dollars he had extorted from average hard working citizens,& then using such gains in a Joseph Goebbels type tactics against one of the most respected elders of the conservative movement - in fact to try and destroy his character by lies, exaggeration and innuendo in a politics of personal destruction that befell every single other candidate as soon as that candidate showed signs of giving the Mormon a run for his money! In Florida higher than 98% of his ads were not about himself but an outright effort to destroy the former Speaker who, according to Nancy Reagan has been the keeper of the Reagan flame. In short, a political manifestation of evil has arisen. Just as evil arose in the early thirties in Germany when another ambitious no-holds-barred candidate was appealing to the German electorate by means of the same tool - lies, and the tactic of slandering of opponents! Woe to us, Churchill might say if such devotion to the dark art of lying might reach its way to the top of the political system and occupy itself in the White House - well, you'd have something even worse than Obama! Stop it, Winston would say - Stop it now America before the monster grows and nothing on earth can stop it then!!! ANYBODY BUT ROMNEY 2012!!!!!

  2. joannis, Dude, Mormons are not a problem. Ask your doctor about the benefits of Prozac.