Monday, December 31, 2012

Predictions for 2013

Well, we survived 2012, but it really has not been a good year.  The economy remains sluggish, we have a never ending war in Afghanistan that we do not have the resolve to win (meaning turning the whole God forsaken place into a sheet of glass).  Iran is getting close to having a nuclear weapon,  Former allies Egypt and Tunisia have elected anti-western Islamist regimes, who quickly consolidated power and pushed through new constitutions instituting the draconian Sharia Law.  Welcome back to the 7th century Egypt and Tunisia.  It was nice knowing you.  Israel is under even more pressure from the west, including the Obama administration to make concessions to the likes of Hamas and Hezbollah, both who are dedicated to the destruction of Israel, and the extermination of Jews from the planet.

China is causing trouble for its neighbors, declaring the entire South China Sea as it's own private lake, and stirring up trouble with Japan over a couple uninhabited islands that just happen to have a lot of oil in their vicinity.  Russia has sunk deeper into creeping dictatorship, as Putin seems determined to resurrect the Soviet Union.  North Korea has launched a 3 stage rocket that  is capable of reaching the west coast of the USA, and is working hard on their nuclear program.  President Obama has all but abandoned our NATO allies in eastern Europe, and Poland and the Czech Republic are wondering if we can be relied on for any promise made by a previous administration next time the presidency changes. 

Africa remains dirt poor, starving, and mostly under the thumb of oppressive dictators, who care nothing for their people or developing their economies; and Latin America is sinking back into dictatorships, mostly leftist, fascist or communist in nature.

And finally, the American voters decided that President Obama and the Democrats were just ducky, and voted for free stuff instead of liberty and self reliance.  So where do we go from here?  I'd love to be optimistic, but I really don't have rose colored glasses pink enough to make me feel good about the upcoming year.  So, here we go.

  • ObamaCare taxes will kick in on January 1, and despite whatever President Obama says, we are all going to pay higher taxes.  Get used to it, ObamaCare is here to stay, at least until we run out of other peoples' money.
  • The economy will tank in 2013, and the US will sink into another serious recession, as companies reduce jobs in order to maintain the bottom line.  Many companies will outsource work in order to avoid the ObamaCare mandates put on them, and even more jobs will go off shore to places that have highly educated and less expensive employees.  Some will go to China, but some of the best engineering and IT jobs will end up in places like India, Singapore, Taiwan and South Korea.
  • Gitmo will remain open, 4 years after Obama issued an EO to close it.  
  • Israel will attack Iran before March, as Iran gets closer to developing a nuke.  The Obama Administration will condemn the action, even though they will give it tacit approval privately.  Egypt will tear up the Camp David Accords in retaliation, and Israel will invade Sinai late in the year after rocket attacks come and arms infiltration proliferate from Egypt via their Hamas allies.  The threat of a regional war looms, and the gulf states and the Saudis become increasingly nervous about both Iran, and the Muslim Brotherhood regime in Egypt.
  • Al-Qaeda will execute a major attack against American interests in Europe, possibly an embassy of military installation. 
  •  The European economic crisis worsens, as Greece, Spain, Portugal, and Ireland default on their loans.  Germany refuses to bail them out and the future of the EU and the Euro looks grim.
  • France's unemployment rises to 30% as the Socialists continue to raise taxes on corporations and "the rich"
  • North Korea, the craziest country in the universe, continues to cause trouble in the region, tests another nuclear device, and launches more "satellites".  Russia and China continue to do nothing to contain them.
  • Russia and Belorus begin talks about unification, and Russia continues to exert pressure on its neighbors, especially Ukraine and Georgia.   Obama yawns.
  • Hillary Clinton dies from a brain tumor. (I hope I'm wrong. I really am!)
  • John Kerry is confirmed as Sec. of State, and continues Obama's wrong headed foreign policies.
  • Chuck Hegel is put up for Sec. of Defense, but even Democrats won't vote for him and his name is quickly withdrawn.  Barbara Boxer is confirmed to the position.  Ok, I'm joking there.  Bob Kerrey (D-NE) gets confirmed easily, and does the best job he can with the hand he is dealt.
  • The big government Republicans continue to be in charge of the caucus' in both the House and Senate.  Boehner and McConnell sell out to Obama early and often, as the GOP continues to lose support from the conservative and libertarian base.  The GOP looks a lot like a 21st century version of the Whigs.  If they could dig up Millard Filmore, they would run him for president in 2016.
  • The Obama Administration through either EO or regulatory agencies like the EPA continue to circumvent congress and place further restrictions on oil exploration, fracking for natural gas deposits, and coal burning power plants.  Further nuclear plant development is stifled.  More taxpayer money goes down the tube for bogus green energy programs, fraudulent companies, and Obama cronies.
  • The NLRB continues to strong arm private business who are trying to escape from closed/union shops.  Card Check keeps raising its ugly head, as the Obama Administration and the Democrats in congress try to backdoor legislation to make it happen.
  • More and more states, attempt to reign in government employees' unions, and everywhere they try it, there are "mostly peaceful" protests, where only a few dozen right to work activists get roughed up or put in the hospital.  
  • The Tea Party remains a force to be reckoned with, but the GOP leadership yawns, the mainstream media call them racists, fascists, violent teabaggers, and (apologies to Mel Brooks) Methodists.
  • The world does not end, but the barbarians are getting closer to the gate.  
  • The west continues to turn a blind eye to the danger of radical Islam, as the middle east turns into a tinderbox, and European Muslims continue to demand special rights, Sharia Law for Muslims living there, and riot at the drop of a hat.  "French Yoots" continue to burn cars and apartment blocks in the banlieu of Paris and Toulouse. 
So there you have it in a nutshell.  It's not a pretty picture, but I have no reason to be optimistic about 2013, considering events of 2012.  A lot of this is our own doing.  Elections have consequences, both here and abroad.  As my Scottish grandmother used to say, "you made your bed, you lie in it".

Have a blessed 2013 everyone.  It looks like it is going to be a bad year, but we can all try to do well in our own personal lives.  Take care of your loved ones, be kind to strangers, and be generous to those who are truly in need.

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