Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Help still needed

I'm still trying to help with the aftermath of super typhoon Hayian (Yolanda in the Philippines), but since the media abandoned the place once the sizzle for their network dried up, the donations and help have to. This was a storm that made Katrina look like a thunderstorm and throughout the central Visayas west of Leyte and ground zero in Tacloban they are still trying to recover. 

This is a place that still needs a lot of help. Of course most of the international relief organizations are still there in some form, but not so much. My go to guys there are still the Salvation Army. Once all the governmental orgs leave, thery are there and so are Catholic Charities .... to a point. Still it not governments who bail out people who lost everything, it is us, we have to step up to the plate and help out. Do you want the same people who blame Israel for all problems in the Arab world, or Americans for causing nonexistant global climate change running a relief organization?

I'm only asking a simple thing, donate what you can to to a charity that can help. The Salvation Army is my first choice. But what ever yours is, please give generously.



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