Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Columbus Day Revisited...a day late

Oct. 11 (this year) is celebrated as Columbus Day by government employees and banks nationwide. The rest of us go about our business. Columbus thought he found a western passage to China and held that belief until the day he died (of syphilis....but we will get in to that later).

Popular liberalism told me as a kid that Columbus and his crew introduced syphilis to the natives in the West Indies. Quite to the contrary, it was them that infected his crew. Columbus was a great explorer, but no saint to be sure. He was a mercenary who would sail anywhere anytime to make a buck....So what, he was a businessman.

So, why are "progressives" trying to further vilify him now? Douchbags, you are here in the greatest country in the world that has produced more liberties and opportunities to people from around the world than any country in history. Not giving proper credit to Columbus for discovering the "new world" is like not giving credit to Neil Armstrong for not landing on the moon.....well except Columbus didn't find green cheese or little green men.

Yes, we are not perfect, and never will be, but we advance as a society by our intellectual curiosity and innovation, not by "Hope and Change" and government intervention. Columbus dared to sail off the end of the Earth, and mistakenly thought he landed in the spice islands of south east Asia, but he changed the world forever, but did not live long enough to get credited for it. On his last voyage to the Americas (note: the new world was named for Amerigo Vespuci), he landed back in Spain in chains and died shortly afterwords.

One last thought, If it were not for Columbus, very few of us might not be here now. Connections, Connections.

Watch the whole thing.

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