Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Pilot refuses screening, gets kicked out of airport......

.......then whines on a far leftist website about how bad he was treated by TSA at Memphis International Airport last Friday, and was subsequently kicked off airport property for refusal to be screened.  Michael Roberts is a Memphis based pilot working for ExpressJet Airlines, who are contracted by both Continental and United Airlines as a regional partner.  Mr. Roberts has been flying for ExpressJet for over 4 years and knows the rules.  He gets the same screening (which I do not like, but tolerate) as all others going into a secure part of the airport.

I talked about this with a few pilots who I work with and all of them think that Roberts is in dire need or a waaaaaaaaambulance and a career change.

Until the federal government start targeting terrorist suspects and not airline pilots, 80 year old grandmothers, and Methodist ministers, this politically correct insanity will go on.  This does not excuse this asshat from his behavior.  He should be fired for failure to comply with a government directive.

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