Saturday, October 2, 2010

NAACP's "One Nation Working Together" rally

Speaking of organized labor, and other lefty causes, I wonder how many people showed up for the NAACP's  "One Nation Working Together" rally in DC.

In case you haven't heard about it, it is being sold as the left's answer to Glenn Beck's rally of Aug. 28 which easily had 500,000 people turn out.

Get a load of the groups who are sponsors of the One Nation rally:
  • Sojourners: the far-left allegedly religious coalition secretly funded by George Soros.
  • The SEIU: Barack Obama's purple-shirted Brute Squad.
  • Rainbow PUSH Coalition: Jesse Jackson's non-profit that he used to pay off his mistress after she bore his illegitimate daughter. Hired former Congressman and convicted sex offender Mel Reynolds after his release from prison.
  • National Council of La Raza: "La Raza" is Spanish for "The Race." They've faced numerous charges of being racial separatists and supremacists.
  • AFL-CIO: A subsidiary of La Cosa Nostra, Inc.
  • Democracy For America: Howard Dean's private PAC.
  • International Socialist Organization: the name says it all.
  • Detroit Democratic Socialists Of America: see above.
  • Democratic Socialists of America: see above, again.
  • Communist Party USA: COME ON, PEOPLE!
  • ANSWER Coalition: literally, a Communist front group.
  • Coffee Party Progressives: yet another astroturfed attempt to discredit the Tea Party movement.
  • Code Pink: the anti-war psychopaths and sociopaths who found common cause with the lunatic Cindy Sheehan.
Yep there you have it.  a true blue all American rally.  Unlike Beck's rally, which was not political, and reminded me of a tent meeting, I bet these radical leftists will absolutely  trash the Capital Mall.  I'll update this with photos, once they become available.

Hat tip: Wizbang

Update 1:  Here's a link to one of the photos of a member of one of "the diverse groups of individuals" who attended the rally.  This should make America proud.

Update 2:  Here's a video put up by Americans for Prosperity of the communists at the event complete with a rousing rendition of the Soviet national anthem.

And here's that voice of reason from MSNBC, Ed Shultz:

Videos, compliments of Allahpundit.

And HERE are photos from the event.  Lovely bunch, eh?

Update 3:  Jeff Dunetz has the video showing how these commies trashed the mall.  This is what you get when you hire an astroturfed rent-a-mob along side dedicated communists and socialists in a public forum.

Wizbang has video of the huge crowd at the event.

It gets even worse.  The commies trashed the WWII memorial as well.

Update 4:  Via Wizbang, here's a compare and contrast between Glenn Beck's "Restoring Honor"rally of 8/28 and Saturday's meeting of the far left.

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