Saturday, October 30, 2010

NFL Week 8

I was feeling a bit under the weather last weekend, and didn't get around to posting my picks for week 7, but trust me, I picked them all perfectly.  Really I did, would I lie to you?  To say the least, this has been a year full of upsets.  Teams expected to rock this year have been getting rolled instead and vice-versa. 

Here are my predictions for week 8:

Buffalo at Kansas City

The Bills have had a perfect season so far, they have not won a game.  Sadly for the hapless Bills, this is not going to be the week where they break the losing season. Kansas City looks to open with four straight home wins for the first time since 2003 when it faces a Bills team trying to avoid its worst start in 26 years Sunday.  KC - 28  BUF - 13

Carolina at St. Louis

The Panthers finally managed to add a game in the win column in what I would call Loser Bowl 2010 against the 49ers last week, but I don't think they will be so lucky against the Rams, who have yet to lose a home game this year.  Neither team has been impressive this year, so look for this to be a sloppy win for the Rams.  STL - 24  CAR - 21

Denver vs. San Francisco (Wembley Stadium, London)

Long plane flights compounded by jet lag have often turned overseas games into mistake ridden, sloppy games. Both the Broncos and 49ers are hoping to regroup this week and add one to the win column.  The Broncos are coming off a creaming compliments of the Raiders last week, and the 49ers had a tough loss against the Panthers.  This game is a coin toss.  I'm calling it for the Broncos.  DEN - 21  SF - 13

Washington at Detroit

The Redskins had a hard fought win against the Bears last week, and have been looking more impressive as the season progresses.  The hapless Lions are coming off a bye week following a loss to the Giants, but I don't see how that is going to help the team with the worst defense in the league.  WASH - 36  DET - 17

Green Bay at New York Jets

The Jets are coming off their bye week rested and healthy, and the Packers are anything but.  The Jets will try to capitalize on the injury-riddled Packers and extend their winning streak to six for the first time in 12 years at the New Meadowlands Stadium on Sunday.  2010 has been the Jet's best season in years, and they could very well be Super Bowl bound.  The Jets’ last six-game winning streak came at the end of the 1998 season when they finished with a franchise-best 12 wins, and I'm thinking that they will continue their winning streak tomorrow afternoon.  NYJ - 34  GB - 24

Miami at Cincinnati

The Dolphins are coming off a heartbreaking loss to the officials the Steelers last weekend and are looking to avenge their loss on Sunday against the mediocre Bengals.  MIA - 21  CIN - 17

Jacksonville at Dallas

The obnoxious Jerry Jones predicted that the Cowboys would be Super Bowl bound this year, so it brings a smile to my face every time Dallas loses.  With Romo out for the rest of the season, what little chance the Cowboys had at making the playoffs died last week with their loss to the Giants.  The Jaguars are coming off a stunning loss to the Chiefs, so this promises to be Loser Bowl II.  But, the Cowboys without a QB will add another loss to the Cowboys' L column.  JAX - 28  DAL - 14

Tennessee at San Diego

The Titans' impressive victory against the Eagles last week combined with the return of Vince Young as QB promises to make this a good game against the Chargers.  The Titans used an amazing fourth quarter to bounce back from a nine-point deficit last weekend and claim first place in the AFC South.  The Chargers are coming off a tough loss to the Patriots and are a far better team than their 2-5 season might lead you to believe.  Still I'm going to call this one a win for the Titans.  TEN - 24  SD - 21

Tampa Bay at Arizona

The Bucs pulled out a win against the Rams last week in a pretty messy game,  The Cardinals took a pretty bad whooping by the Seahawks.  This I'm not overly impressed with either team, but the 4-2 Bucks will be 5-2 after Sunday's game.  TB - 27  AZ - 19

Minnesota at New England

The Viking plan to start 70 year old injured quarterback, Brett Favre on Sunday, which I don't think is a wise move.  Favre is one injury away from the end of his career.  Why risk it on what is going to be a horrible loss to the far superior Patriots?  This is not going to be pretty.  NE - 42  MN - 20 and Favre doesn't last the first half.

Seattle at Oakland

The Seahawks are surprising everyone by being at the top of the NFC West, and the Raiders are also surprising everyone with their performance as of late.  Sunday's game promises to be a good competition, and it is hard to predict the outcome of this one.  Following the Raiders trouncing of the Broncos last week, I'm looking for the momentum to continue.  OAK - 32  SEA - 31

Pittsburgh at New Orleans

Turnovers have plagued Drew Brees and the Saints’ suddenly stalled offense, a slump that could be tough to shake Sunday night against the visiting Steelers in a showdown of the past two Super Bowl champions.  The Steelers and the officials managed to eek out a win against the Dolphins last week.  The Steelers really looked better before the return of Ben Roethlisberger.  However, considering the pathetic performance by the Saints against the Brownies, I'm picking the Steelers.  PIT - 24  NO --19

And finally Monday night's game:

Houston at Indianapolis

This promises to be a lot of fun for football fans on Monday night.  The Surprising good Texans are looking to have their first win in 9 tries against the Colts.  Both teams are 4-2 and are playing well.  I'm picking the Colts bases strictly on home field advantage.  Tough call.  IND - 28  HOU - 27

I hope my picks don't suck as bad as my last attempt, but we will soon know.  What are your picks?

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