Friday, October 8, 2010

NFL Week 5

Last week was a very interesting week for the NFL.  There were a lot of upsets and surprises.  My crystal ball had the flu and wasn't making good predictions.  A few things can be certain, Miami, Seattle, New England and Pittsburgh will not lose.   Let's see how well it does this week.

Chicago at Carolina

Da Bears lost Jay Cutler last week against the Giants, and he is still out this week.  Their offensive line played horribly against the 3rd best defense in the NFL, and it cost them a stunning loss against the Giants.  The Panthers have been pathetic so far this year, so I'm calling this for Da Bears. CHI - 24  CAR - 14

Tampa Bay at Cincinnati 

The Bengals lost to the hapless Browns, and Tampa Bay got trounced by the Steelers 2 weeks ago.  This is the battle of the losers.  CIN - 32   TB - 10

St. Louis at Detroit

Easy call.  STL - 38  DET - 10

New York Giants at Houston

The Texans are having a helluva year, and the Giants are struggling, even with a sloppy win against Da Bears.  The Giants have a great defense, but the offensive line is not protecting Eli Manning, resulting in sacks and turnovers.  The Texans played well against a tough Raider team, and I'm thinking that they have the better team.  As a Giants fan I have to go against my guys, but it's going to be HOU - 24  NYG - 17

Denver at Baltimore

The Ravens had an impressive win against the Steelers last week, and looked very impressive against a very tough defense.  The Broncos have a very impressive passing game, and outplayed the Titans last Sunday.  This promises to be a good game between 2 good teams.  The Ravens have home field advantage, and that plays a bit in their favor.  I'm calling it for the Ravens in a squeeker.  BAL - 21  DEN - 20

Atlanta at Cleveland

The Browns got lucky and beat the Bengals, who played poorly last week.  The Falcons are a far superior team.  Even though the Falcons are playing at "The mistake on the lake", I'm going with Atlanta.  ATL - 32  CLE - 7

Kansas City at Indianapolis

The unbeaten Chiefs have surprised almost everyone this year, including me.  Their rushing game has been outstanding.  Don't count the Colts (2-2) out this week.  The Colts had a humiliating loss against Jacksonville last week, and are looking to make that up on Sunday.  I'm prediction that the Chiefs will get their first loss on Sunday, as the tough Colts defense shuts down their rushing game.  IND - 24  KC - 7

Jacksonville at Buffalo

Since it hasn't snowed or gotten to -30 in Buffalo yet, the Jags, straight off a big win against the Colts will hand the hapless Bills ass in their collective helmets.  JAX - 42  BUF - 10

Green Bay at Washington

The Redskins had a good day last week, handing a decent Eagles team a big loss.  The Packers almost got beat by Lions...I repeat THE LIONS.  The Packers have managed to pull out wins this year, but they are not playing well, and they will lose this weekend.  WASH - 17  GB - 3

New Orleans at Arizona

The Saints have not been playing all that well offensively, and the Cardinals have a rookie walk-on QB Max Hall starting this Sunday.  I'm predicting a sloppy game, but the superior Saints defense will shut down the Cardinals early and often.  NO - 10  ARIZ - 3

Tennessee at Dallas

Dallas had a week to rest, with a by last weekend after their impressive win against a good Houston team.  The Titans had a tough loss last week against the Broncos.  The home field advantage helps the Cowboys, but just because I hate Jerry Jones and America's Team his satan's spawn, I'm calling this one for the Titans.  TEN - 28  DAL - 13

San Diego at Oakland

Tough Call.  The Chargers cleaned the Cardinals' clock last week, and the Raiders got beaten far worse than the score showed by the Texans.  Tough call?  Who am I kidding.  SD - 27  OAK - 17

Philadelphia at San Francisco

The 49ers have not won a game this year, and they will stay that win less against a decent Eagles team.  After a tough loss to the Redskins, the Eagles will be back on track Sunday night.  PHL- 33  SFO - 21

And finally the Monday night massacre.

Minnesota at New York Jets

70 year old Brett Favre had a week to rest up at "the home" and should be ready to lead the a humiliating loss Monday night.  The Jets have may just as well have had a by week after clobbering the Bills last Sunday.  The Jets are a force to be reckoned with.  I don't care if Moss is now playing in the frozen tundra, they are going to be beaten.....badly.  NYJ - 28  MIN - 24.  Ok maybe not so badly.

I don't think my predictions can be any worse than last week, but who knows.  This is a season of upsets.  What are your predictions?

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