Friday, October 15, 2010

NFL Week 6

Greetings sports fans and welcome to my picks for week 6 of the NFL season.  I did pretty good last week, but there were a few upsets.  Who would have thought that Detroit would clean St. Louis' clock?  I'm still maintaining that the Jets are the team to beat, even though the Vikings had a 4th quarter comeback, fut fell short of beating them.  Teams that will definitely not lose this week because they have a by are Buffalo, Carolina, Arizona, and Cincinnati.  Well, without further ado, here are my picks for the week. 

Atlanta at Philadelphia

The injury riddles Eagles will start Kevin Kolb while Michael Vick nurses his wounds, and also there are several other key players who are either playing injured or on the sidelines completely.  The Falcons are on lately and healthy and are looking to make this 5 in a row.  I'm calling this for Atlanta.  ATL - 21  PHL - 13

Cleveland at Pittsburgh

The Steelers are coming of a by week, and Rothlisberger is back at QB.  The Steelers have played remarkably well without his presence on the field losing just one game 2 weeks ago.  Cleveland has been less than impressive with just one win.  With the Steelers back at full strength, I'm predicting PIT - 28  CLE - 10

Seattle at Chicago

Jay Cutler is back for Da Bears after a one game absence after the Giants laid a whooping on him 2 weeks ago.  The Seahawks are coming off a 2 week break, and although starting strong, have been lack luster.  I'm going with Da Bears.  CHI - 24  SEA - 7

Miami at Green Bay

The Packers are yet another injury riddled team, but have managed to win, albeit in a particularly ugly way.  The Dolphins are coming off a by week after having their ass kicked by the Patriots.  I'm predicting a close game, but I have to give this to the Packers in a squeaker.  GB - 17  MIA - 14

Detroit at New York Giants

Detroit surprisingly whooped on the Rams last week.  The lions are trying to break a 23 game road losing streak, but this will not be the week.  The Giants have improved beating Houston, badly and impressively, last week.  Giants win big time.  NYG - 32  DET - 7

New Orleans at Tampa Bay

While the visiting Saints haven’t played up to the caliber of a defending Super Bowl champion, the Bucs have performed far better than a team many pegged for a second straight last-place finish heading into this NFC South matchup Sunday.  The Saints are coming off a loss to the Cardinals, and looked very sloppy.  The Bucs have not scored highly in the first weeks of the season, but they also have not given up many points defensively.  I'm calling this for the Bucs in an upset.  TB - 14  NO - 10

San Diego at St. Louis

This is going to be hard to call.  Frankly, both teams suck so far this year.  The Rams got beat badly by the Lions last week....THE WORST TEAM IN THE NFL for crying out loud.  The Chargers have not been playing well either, but they have come back in previous seasons from a 2-3 start of the season.  I'm flipping a coin and calling it for the Chargers.  SD - 21  STL - 7

Kansas City at Houston

This could be a very good game.  The Chiefs have been playing remarkably well, considering that they were predicted to be pathetic this year.  Likewise, despite losses against the Cowboys and Giants, the Texans have a decent team.  Both teams lost last week and are looking to get back on track on Sunday.  This is another coin toss, but I'm going with the Chiefs.  KC - 32  HOU - 24

Baltimore at New England

This promises to be the game of the week.  The Patriots are coming off a by week and are rested and ready after clobbering the Dolphins 2 weeks ago.  The Ravens have been equally impressive decisively defeating the Broncos last week.  Playing at the Pats house of pain is never easy for opponents and they rarely lose there.  This will be one of those rare occasions when I'm predicting a loss for the hated Pats (spit).  I'm calling this for the Ravens, just out of spite.  BAL - 28  NE - 21

Oakland at San Francisco

It has been eight years since the Bay Area has seen one of its NFL teams put together a winning season, a drought that appears likely to continue in 2010, and this is going to be more of the same.  Which crappy team is going to win on Sunday?  Frankly, who cares.  But for what it's worth, I'm putting the 49ers in the winning column.  SFO - 7  OAK - 6

New York Jets at Denver

The Jets are hot and playing as well as they have, they can only lose the season through injuries or complacence.  The Jets have a great pass game, but their defense needs work.  The Broncos have been injury ridden and will lose 3 key players this week.  I'm going with the Jets.  NYJ - 32  DEN - 24

Dallas at Minnesota

*Yawn*  Another battle of the losers.  Both teams stink on ice.  I hate the Cowboys, but not even 70 year old Brett Favre can pull this off for the Vikings.  DAL - 3  MIN - 0

Indianapolis at Washington

The Redskins have a crappy defense, the Colts have a great offense.  It's an easy call for me.  IND - 42  WASH - 20

And finally the Monday night game;

Tennessee at Jacksonville

Tough call.  Both teams have 2 losses, and both are good teams.  I'm going with the Titans, simply because I like them and they are from my state.  TEN - 28  JAX - 21

This was a tough week to pick, and there are some great match-ups.  What are your picks?


  1. Sucked this week didn't you - you didn't even get the BYE games (calling them by games) - must be old age creeping up on you.

  2. I've got to admit, it did suck to be me this past week. My picks were as disasterous as the Obama administration. Well, better luck next week.