Friday, September 17, 2010

Airbus wants to build invisible passenger plane

This idea had to be thought up over massive quantities of German beer and French wine.  Airbus Industries wants to develop a plane that would be virtually invisible, where travelers could literally see through the top, bottom and sides.  German newspaper Der Speigel seems to think this is a good thing.  I personally would find it cool, but I enjoy flying.  From the article.

The airplane dissolves into thin air, as if erased by an invisible hand. First the cabin roof disappears, then the floor, and from one moment to the next, the passengers feel like they have lost their grip on anything solid.

But the men and women on board, more than 300 of them, don't fall out of the sky. Instead, they continue their relaxed flight through the clouds. If they look above, they gaze into the sea of stars that is the Milky Way. When they look down, they see the glittering lights of the cities below.
While I find that cool, how many passengers who have to be heavily medicated or under a strong alcohol influence just to get on board would do well on this proposed plane?   I'd hate to be the flight attendant or clean-up crew that has to clean the vomit off the walls, floor and ceilings from uneasy riders.  This is a cool idea for a concept plane or light aircraft, but for a 300+ passenger plane, this sounds plane dumb (pun intentional).  

Of course this plane is a concept for 2050, which would make me 93 at the time, provided I make it until then. 

It's an interesting concept for a bizjet or light plane, but can't Airbus think of something more practical on which to spend the taxpayers money who fund their boondoggle projects?

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