Wednesday, September 29, 2010

New Islamist threats against the West

Over the past few days, the various European and American intelligence agencies have indicated that they busted up credible threats against us and our allies.  Apparently The Religion of Peace wants to make multiple attacks similar to the one in Mumbai (Bombay), India last year.  The reaction of the Americans was to target leaders of these attacks with drones at their headquarters in that bastion of love and peace, Pakistan.  It looks like we dodged a bullet once again. 

If this news isn't sobering enough, perhaps you should go and read the following at The Captain's Journal:
The scenario I am about to describe can be accomplished by simple, direct attacks and without reference to more complicated organizational skills except for weapons, dedicated fighters and effective timing.  The scenario I am about to describe would quite literally destroy the economy of the nation for a long time.  I am hesitant to describe it in detail; when I do this sort of thing I usually get charged with giving the terrorists ideas.
But the fact of the matter is that the terrorists already know these things, and it is important to educate the American people to the dangers right outside the gate.
Read the whole thing, and remember that the Obama regime won't even acknowledge that there is a threat from Islamist terrorists.  Ask him about Fox news, Rush Limbaugh and "teabaggers", and that's a whole different story.

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