Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Why did I start a blog?

I've had a few people ask me that question, but I'm thinking why didn't I start a blog sooner.  Like I said in my first post here, I never paid much attention to blogs much before the 2004 presidential elections, and it was only after the fake-but-true fraudulent memos regarding President Bush's service in the Air National Guard were exposed as fake hit pieces by a Democrat operative, promoted by a CBS news producer, then defended by discredited anchorman, Dan Rather, by none other than citizen journalists (in this case 3 lawyers from Minneapolis at the remarkably well written and produced Powerline blog).

Needless to say my politics tends to be right of center, so I gravitated to some of the blogs that had links on their site.  One that soon became one of my favorite was the now erstwhile Captain's Quarters, written by  "Captain Ed" Morrissey.  Ed's now a professional blogger, radio and internet talk show host, and mentor to other bloggers who are trying to do something different.  (By the way, Ed, you have the best job in the world).

I'm less inclined to turn my little piece of the internet into a strictly political blog, but will be posting more things about aviation issues, my favorite place in the world, Key West Florida (I'm a "Destination Expert for Key West" at Trip Advisor travelers forum and if you plan a trip anywhere in the world, the Trip Advisor website is a good starting point), and perhaps the Philippines, where I have very strong links.

I'm sure I'll grow as a blogger, and who knows where this will go from here, but for now, I appreciate all of those who take the time to have a look here, and comments, positive, negative or neutral are welcome, so long as they are civil.

Once again, welcome one and all

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