Thursday, September 9, 2010

To Burn or Not To Burn

..... that is not the question.  The question to me is why is the media even giving this attention whore any publicity at all?  In case you have not been paying attention, Terry Jones is a Florida pastor who plans on having a big Koran burning event, and it is getting wall to wall media coverage.  If people would just ignore him, the controversy would just go away.  Instead, this idiot's actions will inflame Muslims worldwide (not that that is any mean trick anyway) and riots and murders will soon follow, as they did after the publication of the Danish Mohammed cartoons.

Speaking of media whore's, Jones has been linked to Fred Phelps' Westboro Baptist Church, you know, the guy who protests military funerals.  The best I can say is birds of a feather.

Update 1:  Michelle Malkin has a good piece on the subject on her blog site.  It gives a bit of insite into the Koran and Islam in general.  It's worth your time to have a look.

Update 2:  I guess that Terry Jones got enough publicity and now has decided to call the whole thing off.  Now maybe the presstitutes in the media can focus on more important things like this drunken Chinese diplomat behaving very un-diplomatically.  Now that's entertainment!

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