Thursday, September 9, 2010

Is Sharia Law compatible with the Constitution, Part II

Er, not quite.

Here's the thing. Muslims want to leave their hell holes and move to a civilized country, be it The USA, Europe, Australia or one of the thriving far east democracies. But as soon as they get there they fall back to their old ways and want Sharia Law. I guess this is a way to keep their women in line, but it is totally incompatible with our way of life. Sadly Islam has never had a reformation that the Christian church had centuries ago, and still lives in the 7th century.

Here's my advise to the people who we have opened up our doors to and taken them in, either as refugees (like in Somalia and Iraq) or as students who come here to study, then get jobs and get legal status. Either assimilate or go back home. We are a very tolerant people, but we are not all that tolerant of people of are constantly outraged that we do not accept their values. Tolerance means, I acknowledge that you have your beliefs and will put up with them. It does not mean I approve of them or accept them in my personal life.

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  1. The last two sentences are BRILLIANT.

    We need elected officials that have the seeds to say AND believe this.