Tuesday, September 21, 2010

TV and movies and media, yesterday and today

Has all the creative juices in Hollywood left that classless and moral free zone?  Some of us cranky old people knew when they turned out movies and TV shows that, while not always Oscar winners, would at least not offend the vast majority of Americans.  I'm no puritan, but when the F-bombs are in every F-ing sentence, it reflects lack of writing skill and lack of class.  Consider a few examples of where we have come since the mid-50's. I'm going to stick to comedies here, because if I get in to dramas, it gets much worse.   Here's a clip from "Leave it to Beaver".

Pretty innocent stuff.  I've got to admit, I loved this show as a kid.  In the 1960's things started to change a bit, but, only in the R rated movies was the F-bomb dropped, and nudity would send it straight to an X rating.  We also had the rise of Playboy Magazine, and Hugh Hefner.  For those of us who remember Woodstock, and the movie that followed, it was R rated, and the music festival was universally condemned by the then main stream media.

Don't forget that the 60's also gave us this cultural gem.

Does anyone besides me find this far funnier than some tasteless garbage like "Two and a Half Men"?

The 70's brought us Norman Lear's "instructional comedies" telling all of us conservatives that we are all hateful, anti-female, anti-gay, militarists, imperialists mean and spirited people  who hated America, and that the Constitution was a "living document" and needed to grow.   This gave us series like All in the Family, Maude, and the Mary Tyler Moore Show.  They did have some points, but they also had a leftist, and definitely anti-American agenda. They were very effective for awhile.  "All in the Family" made some good points, but it got tiresome.  The Archie character is an extreme bigot, but that has NEVER been about the conservative movement.  Back in those days, honorable conservatives like Bill Buckley and Ronald Reagan were at the forefront of the conservative movement, not racists and bigots like people who used to be KKK Grand Wizards like Sen. Robert K. Byrd (D(ead) WV). Norman Lear was the best propagandist of his day.  Michael Moore, eat your heart out.  Lear is the master of it.

The 80's brought a rebound in Conservatism with the Reagan Revolution, but the media too no notice.  They pursued their agenda and continued to turn out leftist propaganda and porn, not ok for TV.  No, I'm not going to put porn here.  Even very funny scenes like this that in the 1960's would have given it a R rating now make it a G rating. (yes I'm not going to post porn here)

Ok, that's funny.  But is this a G rated Disney film?  I think not. 

The 80's also gave us this

Liberalism at work.  America's morals were sinking.  The media was an accessory. This was a mere R rating.  Would you let your kids watch this?

The 90's gave us this on TV.

We had leftist propaganda for kids on TV like Captain Planet and the Planeteers.  and pornographic cartoons like Family Guy on prime time TV.  My (now) 20-something nephews knew more about sex at 10 than I did at 20. 

The 2000 decade gave us such classics like Two and a Half Men and Why I do My Mother, or something like that.  Porn is now mainstream and it is killing our society.  

So where do we go from here?  Here we are in 2010, and people are finally tired at leftists trying to make the fringe as the new normal.  It killed the Greeks, it killed the Romans, and if we don't wise up it will kill us.  Decadence will and does take down a society, and the barbarians are at our door.  They are the radical Islamists who are the Visigoths of the 21st century.  


  1. Keith,
    I'm in my late 40's and agree with you 100%. My friends make fun because I would rather watch a Disney movie than some beat em up and shoot em up movies. I watched a new sitcom the other night and couldn't believe the language in it. Didn't need to be there and would of been just as funny if they would of used more family friendly language.

  2. I sometimes get embarrased at some of the language on t.v. And noboby else is home at the time! What does that tell you/me? Which is why I end up turning the channel to watch things like Little House on the Prairie, Golden Girls, the Food Network, etc.