Friday, September 24, 2010

NFL Week 3

There are some very interesting match-ups for week 3 of the NFL season.  Let's see how my crystal ball predicts the outcomes.  I hope it is better than last weekend.

Cincinnati at Carolina

After very bad game 1 against the Patriots, the Bengals staged an impressive win against the Ravens last week.  Carolina only impresses me with how bad they have been playing.  CIN-30  CAR-3

Buffalo at New England

You're kidding me, right?  The Pats are coming off an embarrassing loss to the Jets, and the Bills are just embarrassing to watch.  NE-42  BUF 7

San Francisco at Kansas City

The 49ers are 0-2 and not playing very well.  Turnovers killed them against the Saints, but they have a very strong defense  The Chiefs (2-0) Have surprised a lot lf people, but they have a crappy offense.  I predict SF-21  KC-7

Tennessee at New York Giants

Tennessee had a late game comeback under reserve quarterback, Kerry Collins.  But it was too little too late to beat the Steelers, who only scored one offensive touchdown.  The Giants didn't bother to show up against the Colts last week.  The offensive line gave no protection to Eli Manning, and the defense, well lets just say played like they were hungover.  I'm expecting an improved Giants this team this week.  This could be a very close game.  I'm predicting NYG-24 TN-17

Cleveland at Baltimore

Despite a loss to the Bengals last week, the Ravens' defense is formidable.  The Bengals had 5 field goals but never crossed the  goal line.  Cleveland is well....bad.  BAL-28  CLE-3

Pittsburgh at Tampa Bay

The Steelers defense is one of the best, but their offense is without direction, and hasn't scored an offensive touchdown in regulation play.  Roethlisberger is out for another 2 games, and it shows in pretty mediocre performances during the 2 preceding weekends.  The Bucs have a tough defense, but their offense has not been playing at what I think is at their best.  Still with home field advantage and a week Pittsburgh offense, I'm going out on a limb and calling it for Tampa Bay.  TPA-10  PIT-3

Atlanta at New Orleans

The Saints have looked very lackluster in their 2 opening games, but still managed to pull out wins.  Both teams seem to have concerns with their backfield.  Both teams have strong defenses, so this is a tough call.  I'm giving it to the Saints.  NO-24  ATL-17

Detroit at Minnesota 

Why bother to even comment on this.  Even 70 year old Brett Favre can pull off a win in this pathetic pairing.  MN- 31  DET-3

Dallas at Houston

This may be the game of the week.  The Texans (2-0) have been playing so good and the Cowboys (0-2) so bad, I'm wondering if Dallas will actually go 0-3.  One can only hope.  One of the problems for both teams is that their defenses are giving up a lot of points.  The Texans have made it up with scoring more than their opponents.  I think their luck is about to run out.  I'm reluctantly calling this for the Cowboys.  DAL-32  HOU-28

Philadelphia at Jacksonville

Philadelphia has a better offense, Vick is back and playing well.  PHL-33  JAX-21

Washington at St. Louis

Here's another battle of the crappy teams.  The Redskins have the worst record for rushing yards, and the Rams are just the worst.  WASH-14 STL-9

Indianapolis at Denver

After last week's performance against the Giants, I'm thinking that the Colts are back.  Denver has the advantage of being at home.  Still, I'm going to call this for Indy.  IND-28  DEN-17

Oakland at Arizona

Oakland has a superior ground game, Arizona is a so-so team, but the Raiders hasn't won 2 in a row since 2008.  It's about time they did.  OAK-21  AZ-14

San Diego at Seattle

After a strong opening week, the Seahawks had their ass handed to them last week, and the turnovers killed them.  The Chargers had a good game last week with 4 interceptions and a pair of fumbles, after a big loss to the Chiefs in the opener.  SAN-34  SEA-17

New York Jets at Miami

The Jets played like a Superbowl bound team, especially in the 2nd half and put a whooping on the Patriots, and it brought a smile to my face.  The Dolphins have one of the best defenses in the league, and play steady and conservative.  Neither team has given up many points this year, and I'm expecting more of the same on Sunday night.  I'm calling this for the Jets, just because I like them.  NYJ-10  MIA-3

Green Bay at Chicago

The Monday night game promises to be a good one.  The Bears kicked Dallas's ass and it brought a big smile to my face.  The Packers are playing superbly as well.  This is a tough call, but I'm going with Da Bears.  CHI-27 GB-17

Those are my picks, we'll see how good my crystal ball is this week.  What are your predictions?

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  1. The crystal ball was working better this week, but I got a couple completely wrong. The Chiefs clobbered the 49ers, the Steelers beat the Bucs badly, the Falcons outplayed the Saints in over time, Seattle beat San Diego, and the Giants went home after the 3rd quarter.