Saturday, September 18, 2010

NFL Week 2

I have out my NFL crystal ball, and here are my predictions for week 2.

Pittsburgh at Tennessee

Without Ben Roethisberger at the helm, the Steelers managed to pull off a win.  Are they going to be lucky in Nashville?  The Titans played well last week, and they are playing to hometown fans.  I predict TN-21  PIT-10.

Philadelphia at Detroit

The Eagles didn't look good against the Packers last week, and the Lions never look good.  Both teams have injured quarterbacks.  But come on, this is an easy call.  PHL-28 DET-7.

Miami at Minnesota

The Vikings looked horrible last week against the Saints, and Favre looked old, tired and out of shape.  To be fair. both teams looked like shells of themselves when they last met in the playoffs.  Miami eeked out a win against Buffalo, and it remains to be seen how they will perform in Minneapolis.  I'm thinking that the Vikings will improve this week, and I'm calling this close.  MN-14 MIA-7.

Tampa Bay at Carolina

Carolina had their butts handed to them by the Giants last week, and couldn't get a running game going.  The Bucks came from behind and managed to beat lowly Cleveland.  Both teams looked bad last week, but with a home field advantage, I'm calling it for the Panthers CAR-28 TPA-3

Chicago at Dallas

The Bears managed to beat the lowly Lions last week, despite a lot of turnovers and in general a lackluster performance.  The Cowboys lost to the Redskins (na na naaa na na!).  Anytime the Cowboys lose it brings a smile to my face.  The Cowboys have home field advantage.  Grudgingly I've got to call this for Dallas.  DAL-13 CHI-10.

St. Louis at Oakland

Oakland has their collective asses handed to them by the Titans last week.  The Rams had a tough loss to the Cardinals last week, but didn't look horrible.  Unless the Raiders have improved dramatically I'm calling this for the Rams.  STL-32  OAK-24.

New England at NY Jets

The Jets had a tough loss last Monday against the Ravens, and once again have lost defensive tackle Kris Jenkins.  The Patriots won easily over the Bengals and looks like a formidable foe this year.  Unless Brady breaks a leg, the Pats win handily.  NE-42 NYJ-10.

NY Giants at Indianapolis

The battle of the Manning brothers resumes Sunday.  The Colts had a stunning loss to Houston in the opener.  Can they pull out a win over the Giants?  Will the Colts go 0-2?  To prevent that from happening for the first time since Peyton Manning's 1998 rookie season, they are going to need to make some drastic improvements.  The Giants, conversely had a great week against Carolina.  The last time the Manning brothers met on the battlefield, Eli was very young and inexperienced.  This year, he will be a far more formidable foe to big brother.  I'm going to call this close, especially since the game is being played in Indy.  NYG-24 IND-21.

Baltimore at Cincinnati 

The Ravens are coming off a short week, which should give the Bengals a bit of an advantage.  The operative word is should.  The Bengals swept the Ravens in division play last year, and will be up for the game.  However, the Ravens are off a very strong win and I'm calling them BAL-31 CIN-10.

Arizona at Atlanta

Both teams had both had poor offensive performances in their openers.  The Falcons lost in a squeaker against the Steelers in an overtime loss, while a decent offensive performance led the Cardinals to a win over the Rams.  Tough call, but I'm going with ATL-28 AZ-24.

Kansas City at Cleveland

Easiest call of the week.  Chiefs in a landslide.  KC-40 CLE-3

Buffalo at Green Bay

Buffalo had a tough loss last week, and are looking for a comeback.  The Packers have home field advantage, always important at Green Bay, but the Packers lost running back Ryan Grant, and have not had a good quarterback since Favre "retired".  I'm calling this for BUF-21 GB-14.

Seattle at Denver

Seattle is coming off a huge win against the 49ers, a predicted powerhouse this year.  They played like a Superbowl winner.  The Broncos, not so much.  They are coming off a disappointing loss to Jacksonville, but do have home field advantage.  If the Seahawks continue to play like they did last week, they are going to be a serious contender this year.  SEA-24 DEN-14.

Jacksonville at San Diego

Everyone predicted a huge win for the Chargers last week against the supposedly lowly Chiefs, but were upset, and a lot worse than the final score reflects.  The Jaguars pulled off a win against the Broncos, and looked pretty good.  This is a tough call.  I think the Chargers will do everything they can to prevent a 0-2 start, and the Jags can smell blood.  I'm calling it for the Charger.  SD 17 JAX-10.

Houston at Washington

The Texans are looking to go 2-0 for the second time in team history, after handing the Colts their butts in their helmets.  The Redskins had a tough win against the Cowboys last week.  So the big question,  are the Texans so good, or were the Colts so bad?  Last week the answer was both.  One week can change everything this early in the season.  The Redskins looked strong against a tough Dallas team.  I'm reluctantly calling this for the Redskins.  WASH-32 HOU-24.

Finally the Monday night game is:

New Orleans at San Francisco

Both teams looked bad last week, although the Saints eeked out a win against the Vikings in a very sloppy game.  Wish I could say that the 49ers turned in a better performance, but they got trounced by the Seahawks.  I'm thinking that both teams have improved over the past week, but I'm calling this for the Saints.  NO-33 SF-21.

So what do you think?  I'm interested in seeing my readers predictions for week 2.

Correction:  I must have had a brain fart, but I got Eli and Peyton's names mixed up for a moment.  It's now corrected.  Consider it a senior moment.


  1. You need spell check. Minnesota only has 1 "T".

    As far as your picks go?

    GB will win, NO should trounce San Fran, Indy will win, AZ also wins.

  2. Ok spelling is corrected. You sound like an old English teacher. Oh ya, you betcha.

  3. 1) I'm going to sock you in the nose - I have NEVER in my life said "ya you betcha".
    2) If you're gonna try and blog at least try and be accurate (oh wait, bloggers can't be correct).
    3) I don't mind being a grammar nazi
    4) Your picks are still somewhat wrong.

  4. Oh ya you betcha, Greg. LOL You really crack yourself up. Nobody from Minnesota was injured in the creation of this blog. YET. Cady, please give Greg a smack for me.

  5. I think my crystal ball is cracked. LOL There have been a lot of upsets today, some of them happily. The Jets are playing awesome beating the Patriots 28-14. The Titans self destructed with lots of turnovers and penalties. The last minute surge was too little too late. The Steelers are going to be a force to be reckoned with, especially once that Roethisberger returns.

  6. The Giants didn't bother to show up for the game against the Colts, with few exceptions, very few Eli took a beating because the offensive line was ineffectual, and the defense was non-existent. What happened to the Giants of last week?

  7. GO SKINS!!!!! That's all I have to say..... Tee hee.....

  8. And WHY oh WHY is there a word verification on this thing? The screen changes, I have to scroll down to check to see if my post got posted. WTF? Why is this so difficult? I'll shut up now.... Love ya Keith!