Saturday, September 18, 2010

Late Saturday night / Sunday Morning comedy

Note the title, just so I don't confuse one certain critic. :)

Here's an episode from one of the most innovative comedy shows of the 1950's.  Actually this is from the George Burns and Gracie Allen of 1950.  It's interesting, entertaining, and funny how they manage to fit in Carnation Evaporated Milk commercials in the episode

Ok all you new mothers out there, take the 1950 advice and feed your baby Carnation Evaporated Milk. Isn't it funny how dietary concerns change over time? Lets get back to basics and have chicken fried steak and eggs, with a big mess of grits or home fries every morning. It's bound to be back in vogue after folks finally get sick of granola. This kind of comedy was a hold over from radio days, and you could listen to this blind and get the entire story. Try doing to do that with some crappy shows like Lost.

Enjoy the show. George and Gracie were truly talented comedians.

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