Thursday, September 9, 2010

Castro Said What?

I guess he is just a slow learner, but after 50 years Fidel Castro is finally admitting that the Cuban model is not working anymore.  Does anyone besides me doubt his sincerity?  It's interesting that at the same time he is helping bolster socialist regimes in Venezuela, Nicaragua, Bolivia and Ecuador.  One has to wonder if this is just an olive branch to the Obama administration in hopes of a lift on the trade embargo.

I for one would like to see the embargo lifted, and not because I have any love for the Castro brothers.  Quite to the contrary they can not shuffle off the mortal coil soon enough to suit me.  But the embargo has been ineffective for many years now and it really just kept in place to placate the large Cuban-American population in southern Florida.

Update:  In an Emily LaTela moment, apparently Jeffrey Goldberg was duped by Castro, who has been duping lefty journalists for decades.  Fausta Wertz has the details.  Never mind.

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