Sunday, September 12, 2010

Electric cars

The Nissan Leaf is the latest electric car on the market. Tennessee dealers are taking orders for them, yet there are no recharge stations on any of our highways. Zero, zilch, nada. With a meager range of 40 miles, which would get me to work and back 2.5 times, provided I didn't detour along the way, why whould anyone in their right mind spend $40K for this lemon? And better yet, who wants to spend a half hour waiting to get an 80% charge at the filling station?    The Tennessean is way too optimistic about the future of these, and makes no mention of the cost to the tax payers for the proposed recharge stations.  Electricity costs in Tennessee have skyrocketed in recent years.  My first question, that the Tennessean neglects, is how much money is it going to cost to get a recharge, and question 2 is how much are you going to soak the taxpayers for this boondoggle?  Gasoline at the current $2.40 a gallon is still relatively cheap compared to a kilowatt hour of electricity.

The question to my readers is, who the hell wants one of these cars?

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